Company Info

Dark Designs is a dropshipping company, meaning that we are a liaison site between a wholesaler and a consumer. We feature products from a third-party dropshipper on our website. When a customer makes a purchase, their order is sent via our site to the company who manufactures and sells the product. That company ships the product straight to the customer, a procedure known as dropshipping. We take a portion of each sale we make, and the rest of the sale proceeds go to the manufacturer and dropshipper.

Our products are mostly made in and shipped from China. The quality of each and every product cannot be confirmed as we do not have direct access to them, but Dark Designs makes every attempt to make sure we choose reliable, well-made products from trusted manufacturers.

One large way to keep shipping costs low or nonexistent for the customer is that the dropshipper uses shipping services that are not always trackable. Some of our products can be tracked and some can't; each product lists in its description whether or not it's trackable.

If you come across an issue with a purchased product, such as it not being as described on our site, sizing being wrong due to our error, etc., we will evaluate the issue with the product and decide if we will issue a refund. We will not issue refunds due to customer error; however, we do recognize that every online purchase is a gamble and that mistakes will be made when we do not have direct access to products. If the product does not meet the customer's satisfaction due to negligence or error on our part, we may issue a refund of the purchase price to the customer.