Meeting Andy Black (of the Black Veil Brides)

Posted by Noxx Aeterna on

Back in January, I went to see the Black Veil Brides in concert in Grand Rapids for their Resurrection Tour. I’ve been an obsessive fan of Andy Black for almost two years now (and I mean really obsessive), so when I saw on their website that they were touring a mere 2 hours away from me, it took me a good forty-five seconds to breathe again. I promptly called my sister, my fiancé and my best friend to tell them to get their tickets.

Poking around some more on, I saw something else that nearly stopped my heart. VIP passes – I could meet the band. The pass was a hundred dollars, but I would’ve paid a thousand. Within a week I had my ticket and VIP pass. It was November at this point; was two months enough time to plan my outfit, hair and travel arrangements?

I spent many hours over the coming weeks meticulously searching websites and online stores trying to compile the perfect outfit. I looked at many items and bought a few of them. They were at my door in a few weeks. I pulled out all my clothing components and tried them on in combination with the many club and concert accessories I had lying dormant in my drawers.

In the end, my final outfit came together about two hours before the show in our hotel room in Grand Rapids. I brought along the pentagram harness I’d purchased, even though I wasn’t going to be able to sport it with the next-to-final version of what I had planned to wear.

I had constructed my sister’s outfit out of clothing I already had lying around my house. In the hotel room, I put on my outfit and she put on hers, and in a twist of fate, each of us wanted to wear the other’s outfit. It was perfect for me, because that meant I could wear my pentagram harness!

I liked my outfit pretty well, but the harness really tied it all together. I loved how it drew attention to my chest and I knew there was a very slim chance that anyone else at the show would be sporting the same accessory. Standing in the hotel room looking in the mirror, I thanked myself many times for choosing to purchase that one accessory; it was definitely the show-stopper of my ensemble.

At the venue, we stood outside for almost two hours in thirty-degree weather. I was damn cold, but it was worth it. The moment my sister and I crossed the street to stand in the VIP line, people were complimenting our outfits and staring, asking where I’d gotten everything I was wearing.

Inside the venue, I can’t describe the feeling I had when I saw Andy Black walk out to where we VIP-ers stood. It was him -- he was there, in the flesh, standing forty feet away from me.

The meet-and-greet was a semi-quick process; people walked up to shake hands with Ashley, Jinx, Andy, CC and Jake, took their place next to their favorite one, got the picture and exchanged a few colloquials. When it was my turn, I didn’t speak. I shook their hands, stood trembling next to Andy, got my picture and scurried off with a quickness as Andy tapped my back and said “thanks very much”.

I regret now not having been able to think of anything to say, but I’m thankful that I had the confidence to go through with this experience that meant so very much to me.

Once I got my cell phone back from the woman taking the pictures, I was sure that I would look terrible. Scared, ridiculous and, of course, fat. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised to see that I looked how I wanted to, and that for one of the very first times in my life, I was happy with how my pictures turned out. And standing next to the living embodiment of every fantasy I’ve ever had, no less.

The tiring, frustrating hours I’d put in to planning my look were worth it to me then. Now it’s my Facebook profile picture and I don’t plan to change it anytime soon!

Thinking back on that day, as I mentioned, I do wish I’d come up with something to say and not seemed to the band like some terrified mute. But when they think of me (as I like to kid myself), they’ll think “well, she may have been shy and weird, but her outfit was badass!”

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