Dos and Don'ts for the Newbie Concert-Goer

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  If you're anything like me, music is your life. And what better way to experience it than to watch the people who created your favorite tunes perform them live, surrounded by a crowd of like-minded humans with their ears screwed on right? Having been to a few hundred concerts myself, I learned a couple things along the way. I'd like to pass on that knowledge to the excited youngster who may be going to his or her first concert soon.

The Do's

Below are some things you want to remember when preparing for a show.

Do work on your outfit.
Going to a show is an exciting, memorable event. It is a big deal, and many others that will attend the show think so, too. Take some time to think about what you'll wear, how you'll do your hair and makeup, etc. Try on your outfit ideas to make sure they look good and set everything aside so that you can easily find it when the big day comes. Remember to wear comfortable shoes; you're probably going to be doing a lot of walking and standing. If you plan to wear boots, it's worth it to invest in some comfy in-soles. And if you happen to be standing outside the venue in the winter time, bring a coat! Most places have a coat check available.

Do pack in case of an unexpected occurrence.
In your car, make sure you bring a towel and a poncho or umbrella if you'll be attending an outdoor show. The towel is for sitting on the lawn; if you're wearing a skirt or nice clothes you don't want the grass or dirt to ruin the fabric. be frank, if you're near "that time", pack tampons or pads just in case. If loud noises bother you, consider buying a pair of earplugs. Concerts are noisy!

Do bring your money, concert tickets and identification.
It may sound silly, but stranger things have happened! Make sure your tickets are somewhere safe, such as your purse, wallet or the glove box of your car. Be sure to bring some cash for souvenirs and drinks, and have your ID on you if you'll need to pick up your ticket from will call or if you plan to indulge in a few drinks.

Do bring a camera.
You'll want to remember this event! If the venue allows it, bring something to take pictures and videos with. Snap yourself, your friends and, of course, the band. It could come in handy when writing your blog (joke)!


The Don'ts

Now on to the list of things you want to avoid at a concert.

Don't bring a lot to carry.
When you leave your car, bring with you only what you're going to need for the duration of the show. You'll probably be standing or walking most of the time; you don't want to lug around a big bag or a lot of items. You want to be free to jump around to the music!

Don't bring in drugs, weapons or other illegal items.
We know you wouldn't anyway, but many places check your bags and pockets. This helps keep you and everyone else safe. Don't try to sneak in any drugs, paraphernalia or weapons. You're all there to have fun!

Don't bring food or snacks.
Just like a theatre, most places will not permit to you to bring food or drinks inside. For one, there really isn't a way to tell if what you're bringing in may contain alcohol. For two -- and let's be real here -- establishments want to make money furnishing their own food and drinks. So if you bring that Pepsi with you that you just bought from the store, the security guard will most likely make you pitch it before going inside.

Don't crowd surf, mosh or destroy the venue.
You see others crowd surfing, but what you may not know is that when they get to the front row, most of the time bouncers take them down and escort them off the premises. Moshing, though it may look fun, is extremely dangerous. People get broken bones and noses; a few years ago a girl got killed in a mosh pit at a rock concert. Best to avoid it. Lastly, don't destroy the venue. Don't throw your trash around, and don't grab tufts of grass from the ground and throw it. That's a great way to get yourself kicked out.

Don't go anywhere you're not permitted to.
Lastly, speaking from experience here, stay within the limits of where you're allowed to go. If there are any roped-off areas in the venue, stay out. Don't try to sneak backstage or into the balcony if you don't have access. If you get caught, you could get tossed out!


Hopefully these tips help you to plan for your big day. Concerts are some of the most fun experiences on Earth, and the more prepared you are beforehand, the more fun you'll have when you get there.

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